Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Compassion & Choices' Mission is to Promote Suicide

The push to enact DC Act 21-577  is being spearheaded by the suicide advocacy group, Compassion
& Choices.

Compassion & Choices was formed in 2004 as the result of a merger/takeover of two other organizations.[1] One of these organizations was the former Hemlock Society, originally formed by Derek Humphry.[2]

In 2011, Humphry was the keynote speaker at Compassion & Choices’ annual meeting here in Washington State.[3] He was also in the news as a promoter of mail-order suicide kits.[4] This was after a depressed 29 year old man used one of the kits to kill himself.[5] Compassion & Choices’ newsletter, promoting Humphry’s presentation, references him as “the father of the modern movement for choice.”[6] Compassion & Choices’ mission is to promote suicide.


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[2]  Id. Humphry is best known for his do-it-yourself suicide book, Final Exit.
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[4]  See Jack Moran, "Police kick in door in confusion over suicide kit,” The Register-Guard, September 21, 2011 (“"A spotlight was cast on the mail-order suicide kit business after a 29-year-old Eugene man committed suicide in December using a helium hood kit. The Register-Guard traced the $60 kit to [the company, which] has no website and does no advertising; clients find [the] address through the writings of Humphry.")(Emphasis added) 
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